Sunday, May 20, 2012

War is not a game

From first day in the world its begin , The reason of the war is start from simple braw .
War is not a game they lead lives of people to death, and to doom and disaster for the human losses and expensive of all the aspects such as political, financial, economic, spiritual, social and destruction to the world .
We must stop this war . There are people who do not have the guilt of innocent people have died and war, peace is the best solution . people life are not game in chiefs of country .
After the war, of course there would be DESTRUCTION, lost of life and property. It would also be difficult for the country to cope up and so there would be poverty. Because the country is in such state, other countries might take advantage and try to conquer that country, specially if that country is rich of resources.

If it's necessary to defend ourselves, we have a right to go to war, but we should only go to war if it is the last resort. It's regrettable that people are brought to see each other as enemies and kill each other just because they wave a different flag. And in war, only the necessary amount of force needed to attain victory should be used and only soldiers should be targets, not civilians.

This is why I don't like the premises of wars such as Iraq, Vietnam, the Mexican-American War, etc.. The nation or our rights were not in any danger in these situations. World War II was justifiable since we were under attack, but the nuclear bombs on Japan were not justifiable because that was far too much force and killed many civilians.
Finally I would like to end the wars, we have lost friends and relatives die, and all countries of the world urges peace and there are international organizations urges that and the law and international courts safeguard the rights of the neighbor if there are problems with a border or regional or coastal between two or more and also there are economic problems and political and sometimes may be sports! So should we all work together to maintain peace in order to live in peace and comfort.

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